Many of us try to maintain and advance our appearance by going to the hairdresser for a hair cut, buying a new outfit to make us feel good and regularly using face care and cosmetics to achieve the best look possible. Lately, a new kind of upkeep has been getting a lot of press, with celebrities not only having the best clothes, lifestyle and hair but also the whitest ands brightest teeth. Welcome to the world of teeth whitening!

Why whiten?

As a nation we spend thousands of pounds on our appearance, from hair extensions, fake tan, polishing and buffing, wearing the latest fashions and dreaming of a celebrity lifestyle. Tooth discoloration affects many patients from Stockport. From drinking red wine to eating and drinking the kind of food that stains, tooth staining is a very common issue that can affect our confidence and our smile.

How does tooth whitening work?

The Zoom! teeth whitening service at Mossley Dental Care offers an efficient LED tooth whitening system, which achieves quick results that lighten your tooth’s enamel and will achieve a world famous smile in a day. Result!

Zoom! tooth whitening is a form of whitening that is done at the dental surgery rather than an at home. Ultra violet light is used in conjunction with a gel that is put on the teeth. The whole procedure only takes about one hour so it is a fantastic solution to those that want to achieve fantastic results in a short space of time, even in your dinner hour. The light and gel work in conjunction to slowly penetrate the teeth dissolving discolouration and any stains. For fast, effective results Zoom! is the procedure for you.

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