Nervous Patients

At the practice we have considerable experience at treating anxious patients.

Anxious about dental treatment.

However for some patients fear is a real barrier to seeking or receiving dental care.

At the practice we have considerable experience at treating anxious patients.

When we examine the previous dental history of ‘phobic’ patients we often find that theirs is not an irrational fear. Patients often relate that they have had a bad experience; for example the tooth was not fully numb during treatment.


By discussing their concerns and what the cause of the bad experience was we can deliver the most appropriate care. This may simply involve providing a relaxed environment with television screens above the treatment chairs and a patient lounge. There is constant assurance that the patient is in control of the treatment at all times.

We apply topical anaesthetic gel to the gum prior to an injection.

We have the option to use articaine local anaesthetic which offers a deeper longer lasting numbing than the traditional lidocaine.
Please don’t let your nerves get in the way of a healthy happy smile, please call our Reception team on 01457 837361 who will arrange your initial consultation.

Does the dentist hurt?

Having dental treatment is nobody’s favourite thing but at Mossley Dental Care we make dental treatment as comfortable as we can for you. Our dentists will put you at ease, explain the procedure to you and spend plenty of time with you making sure you feel relaxed. The best dentists know that a friendly approach can help patients feel comfortable and relaxed, and we take great pride in our ability to put nervous patients at ease. Dental treatment does not have to hurt. We use rapid acting local anaesthetic and you should not feel any pain during dental treatment at all.

Why am I scared of the dentist?

You may have had a bad experience at the dentist in the past but we can reassure you that our empathetic dentists will put you at ease and ensure that you feel comfortable throughout your dental treatment. We make sure you are in complete control when you are in the dental chair, which means that if at any time you want the dentist to stop we simply ask you to raise your hand and we promise to stop what we are doing immediately. Then only once you are ready to continue will we resume your treatment. Feeling comfortable at the dentist is about trust and we work very hard to ensure that our patients have a safe and friendly experience with us.

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