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we offer a number of cutting edge solutions

Gone are the days where you have to live with discoloured teeth, stains or indiscreet fillings. At Mossley we offer a number of cutting edge solutions to improve the appearance of your smile because we know a cosmetic makeover can literally transform a patient’s life.

For over 25 years we have been offering our patients state of the art treatments to achieve a beautiful and healthy smile that makes a real impact.

From subtle, tooth coloured fillings to implants, porcelain veneers and even teeth whitening, we offer every solution to brighten, refresh and repair your smile.

What we do


We are dedicated to giving patients a smile to be proud of which is why we offer a number of cosmetic treatments to improve every orthodontic concern.

Whether you choose a home whitening treatment or porcelain veneers, we encourage all our patients to come into the surgery before commencing treatment in order to discuss which option is best suited to your teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry is available for all budgets because we offer a membership plan which comes with the benefit of worldwide cover under our insurance and dental trauma.

We provide cutting edge cosmetic treatments to patients in our state of the art facilities that are fully compliant with sterilisation and Good Practice regulations.

To achieve a lighter, brighter, more beautiful smile that will make you feel incredible, have a look through the various cosmetic treatments we offer today.

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