Inman Aligner

At Mossley Dental Care one option to quickly straighten your front teeth is an Inman Aligner.


Protruding and misaligned teeth can make you feel insecure about your smile, but there’s no need to hide your teeth anymore because there are a number of cutting edge orthodontic treatments available.

New technology means that all orthodontic treatments are designed to be as discreet and efficient as possible. The Inman aligner method of straightening teeth is an orthodontic solution that can straighten your misaligned smile after just 6 weeks of treatment.

The Inman aligners are a quick and safe solution to protruding or overcrowded front teeth. The aligners are suitable for mature and younger patients alike because they are removable which means they fit in with your lifestyle and are more hygienic.

The aligners offer such a quick treatment process because the Nickel Titanium coil springs and aligner bows work together to move teeth into the ideal position. Although these forces are relatively gentle, they create a ‘squeeze effect’ as one element pushes forward and the other pulls back, giving you the perfect smile in no time at all.

The Inman aligners are suitable for the majority of orthodontic ailments, and the process is relatively simple. At Mossley we will take an impression from which the aligners will be created before fitting the brace to your teeth. Following the treatment, we would recommend a lingually bonded retainer in order to prevent relapse.

Why Mossley?


Over the last 10 years at Mossley we have worked hard to create smile makeovers because we understand that these changes can literally transform a person’s life.

The British Dentistry Association recently accredited Mossley with an award in the ‘Good Practice Scheme’ for our excellent service. Mr Winston’s commitment to bringing patients the most effective and hassle free treatments like the Inman aligners is shown by his return to university to obtain a Master of Science in Orthodontics.

We will talk you through the various options for your teeth in a free, no obligation consultation and following treatment offer a complementary home-whitening kit to ensure your smile stays gleaming.

Long treatment times and awkward braces are no longer an excuse to avoid orthodontic treatment, so what are you waiting for? Get in touch today to book a consultation and start your journey to a perfect smile.


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