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When you have crooked teeth, you can feel like the only person without a perfect smile.

When you have crooked teeth, you can feel like the only person without a perfect smile. You are not alone as 48% of people in the UK are embarrassed by their teeth, but recent advances in technology mean there’s no reason to be self-conscious.

When people think of braces they envision clunky, awkward and likely incredibly uncomfortable wires that stay on your teeth for years. However, there is a new fixed brace that has been designed specifically for increased comfort and reduced treatment time.

Damon braces are the latest in orthodontic technology created in the USA by dentists who were tired of ineffective treatments that positioned themselves as ‘the’ alternative to traditional fixed wires.

Some people are not eligible for the more invisible, temporary braces or need numerous teeth removing before the brace can be fitted. However, Damon Braces combine older braces with the discretion of invisible aligners to form a product that is suitable for every smile, no matter how bad you feel your teeth are.

What distinguishes Damon braces from other orthodontic treatments is the system which uses high technology archwires and tieless braces to create a significantly more comfortable and efficient solution to crooked teeth.

The tieless braces mean less visits to the orthodontists because they don’t need to be tightened and are significantly more hygienic. Instead, the brackets slide onto the teeth in a much more ergonomic fashion and the overall design means that the braces actually enhance your facial appearance.

Why Mossley?

At Mossley we love it when patients tell us how their new smile has changed their lives, they all seem more confident and assured in themselves.

With a Master of Science in Orthodontics, Mr Winston is proud to offer a treatment that is making a major step forward in the field, so that we can bring you the best and most effective orthodontic solutions.

Undergoing orthodontic treatment is a big commitment and with so many choices we offer a free consultation to help you decide which option you’re most comfortable with. The practice has recently been awarded as part of the ‘Good Practice Scheme’ from the British Dentistry Association.

Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, if you have imperfections in your teeth there is no longer any need to hide your smile. Call Mossley dental today to book your consultation and get the latest in invisible and effective orthodontic treatments.

Why Daniel Winston at Mossley Dental Care?

Mr Winston has been at Mossley Dental Care since 2000 and is a partner in the practice. He obtained a postgraduate master of science degree in orthodontics which took over 3 years and presented multiple high quality orthodontic cases to a panel of specialists in order to achieve this.

He is a perfectionist and takes great pride in the quality of his work treating every patient the way he himself would want to be treated.

We are proud of the results we achieve and many of our new patients come via recommendation from patients we have treated. Please visit our orthodontic smile gallery to see before and after cases that we have treated





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