Mossley Dental Care offers a high quality dental service for children and adults. For more than ten years we have been treating a lot of orthodontic patients using clear braces and many of these patients have been adults.

Not all braces are the same and we use various systems to treatment different types of problems. Some patients come to see us with very crooked/overlapping teeth and sometimes they require extractions to create space to align all the teeth. However, in many cases extractions are no longer necessary using modern invisible braces to straighten teeth.

Some patients come to us with quite narrow smiles and we can use modern braces to widen the smile to give a fuller appearance. Six month braces as the name suggests can be done in as little as six months and Damon braces can often be used to avoid extractions (depending on the severity of the crowding).

If you would like to learn more about what type of braces would be suit your needs then give the practice a call and we can arrange a free consultation. The cost of braces can be spread over up to five years which makes it affordable.