At Mossley Dental Care we use superior orthodontic retainers which are far more comfortable and don’t break anything like as easily as traditional materials. The brace retainers we use for all cases are only 0.75mm thick and will fit your teeth like a glove.

This special material is called Zendura and is a state of the art poly-urethane resin which is far more durable than other types of retainer. Mr Winston has treated hundreds of patients using all types of orthodontic systems including invisible braces for adults and children, fast braces called Damon braces, Invisalign, the inman aligner and many other types of brace systems which will straighten your teeth very quickly. Mr Winston has a postgraduate degree in orthodontics.

Orthodontists in the past have used various types of retainers including retainers with metal wires which cover your palate but at Mossley Dental we use Zendura retainers for the majority of cases because:

1) The are very thin and comfortable
2) They are crystal clear and invisible
3) They are more crack resistant meaning they don’t break (unless you let the dog chew them)
4) They have great stress retention properties meaning they wont distort and are great at holding your teeth straight

In addition to zendura retainers we often use fixed retainers which is a tiny wire glued to the inside of your front teeth to help hold them in place. Your options can be discussed with Mr Winston when you attend.

We feel at Mossley Dental Care we offer a very high quality service and you can be certain you will receive treatment from a highly qualified dentist who uses the best techniques and materials.