Mossley Dental Care offers state of the art orthodontics using teeth braces which are practically invisible and can work in just a few months.

Orthodontists fifty years ago used to have to band every tooth with metal bands and use steel wires which were far less effective than the modern braces that Mr Winston uses.

We use clear braces for either adults or children which are extremely effective and can be completely invisible if you want them to be. Lingual braces fit onto the back surface of your teeth so nobody would see them. They take a few days to get used to and work very quickly. Depending on the severity of the case they can take just a few months to work.

Braces for teeth in Ashton Under Lyne are available at Mossley Dental care from Mr Winston. He is a dentist with a special interest in orthodontics and a masters of science degree in the postgraduate subject.

Modern orthodontics offers great cosmetic results for people with crowded/overlapping, protruding or spaced teeth and Mr Winston offers a free no obligation consultation.

Mr Winston has over ten years experience providing Invisalign, six month braces, Damon braces (non-extraction), clear lingual braces and the inman aligner in Ashton Under Lyne.