Years ago the only option if you wanted straight teeth were metal train track braces which took a long time to work, were quite uncomfortable and did not look particularly discreet. However, Mr Winston at Mossley Dental Care uses the latest clear braces which can be completely invisible, are much more comfortable and work very rapidly. There are a number of orthodontic systems which we use at the practice that may be suitable for you if you want to straighten your teeth.

Six month braces uses clear attachments on your teeth and as the name suggests usually can straighten crooked teeth in about six months. We also use clear wires with these braces which blend in with your tooth colour so it makes them much less noticeable than the old style metal braces.

Mr Winston has a postgraduate degree in orthodontics and has treated hundreds and hundreds of adult and child patients to a high standard. He takes great pride in his work. Have a look at our orthodontic smile gallery which shows cases that we have treated at the practice.

We treat many patients from Oldham and the surrounding areas. Call our reception for a free orthodontic consultation. We look forward to looking after your smiles!