Fixed on braces do give the most predictable results in orthodontics but tooth braces no longer need to be metal style “train track” braces. At Mossley Dental Care in Oldham we use ceramic braces which are clear and far less noticeable than previously. We also offer lingual braces which are fitted on the back surface of your teeth if you are looking for completely invisible braces.

Our ceramic braces blend into your tooth and are very popular with our adult patients who are looking for rapid invisible tooth straightening.

Mr Winston has worked in Oldham for over ten years and provides the full range of orthodontic treatments including ceramic braces, lingual braces and also removable Invisalign and Inman aligner braces.

Orthodontics in Oldham is available for adult and child patients, we have no waiting list, offer convenient evening appointments, and allow patients to pay for their treatment with interest free payment plans.

Traditionally orthodontists used only metal train track braces but now with modern day braces in Oldham you have the option of clear braces which are very quick and very comfortable.

Mr Winston is a dentist with a special interest in orthodontics and has studied the subject to a postgraduate level and has a Masters degree in orthodontics.