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We can then assess your individual requirements and discuss your options.

Using veneers

Four veneers were used to transform this patients smile. She came to the practice for this cosmetic treatment as was so happy with the result that she has stayed with us for her regular dental care.


Using EMAX porcelain veneers

Patient Emily Sugden – This patient was unhappy with the appearance of her smile. All options were discussed and EMAX porcelain veneers were decided upon. Ideal “golden proportion” veneers were fitted which Emily is delighted with.


Reconstruction case

‘A young man anxious about treatment finally plucked up courage to transform his smile in the most spectacular way. A difficult reconstruction case involving deep cleaning, extractions, root canal treatment, six dental implants, crowns, zoom whitening.’


What is cosmetic dentistry?

Some treatment options are not suitable for all and to ensure our experienced dentists, Mr Winston and Mr Watson, can make good recommendations we invite you to attend a free no obligation consultation. We can then assess your individual requirements and discuss your options.

Does cosmetic dentistry hurt?

We find that the main thing that makes dental treatment tolerable for people is a caring and empathetic dentist. At Mossley, both Mr Winston and Mr Watson are very gentle and understanding and will do their best to put you at ease throughout. Lastly if you are a nervous patient you can request sedation which relaxes you during your treatment.

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