The Completely Hidden Fixed Brace Treatment for Patients from Dukinfield

Adolescence is a stage that even those in it despise, and nothing conjures up ‘awkward-teens’ quite like the old train-track brace face. This unfortunate stigma can make having a brace, at any point in your life, a rather unattractive prospect, especially considering most people who require one for treatment end up wearing the thing for between twelve and twenty four months.

A solution?

The word ‘lingual’ is derived from the Latin for ‘close to the tongue’ and can be used as an adjective for things relating to the tongue or relating to language (i.e. bilingual or lingual diversity). Lingual braces live up to their name, not only by being closer to the tongue than conventional braces, but also for the amount of talking you’ll be doing in them; as no will know you’re wearing braces in the first place. Lingual braces are exactly like conventional braces, except they are fitted to the back of your teeth rather than the front. They will do exactly the same job; just no one has to see them.

But what about ‘invisalign’ braces?

Invisalign braces are another form of hidden brace, though Invisalign braces are clear and thus hidden in plain sight. What are the advantages of Lingual braces over Inivisalign? One is that Lingual braces are fixed. This might sound odd to posit as an advantage, but it avoids any problems which may develop as a result of the wearer’s carelessness with removable braces. Treatment with Invisalign works in increments with a new brace being provided roughly every three weeks, but the treatment also requires you wear your brace for between twenty and twenty two hours a day. Failure to do so can result in the next increment of the treatment not fitting, delaying the treatment and hiking up the cost. In terms of price Lingual braces can also be much cheaper: The most expensive form of Lingual treatment being two thirds of Invisialign’s cheapest.

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