Six Months to a Straighter Smile with dentists serving patients from Droylsden

What will you be doing six months from now?

Perhaps you’ve booked a fabulous summer get-away and want to look good on those holiday photos? Or maybe you’re getting married and want to look your best for your big day? Well, whatever you’re doing in six months time, with Six Month Smiles you’ll be doing it with a smile.

Here are six things you need to know about Six Month Smiles:

  1. It’s hard enough to wear braces when you’re a child, but as adults the last thing you want is a mouth full of metal. Six Month Smiles use cutting edge technology to create braces that are almost invisible. Clear braces and tooth coloured wires guarantee an orthodontic treatment that is discreet and effective.
  2. This treatment it cheaper than other orthodontic alternatives, such as veneers or even clear aligners.
  3. The treatment has been specially developed to fix only the front teeth – the teeth you can see when you smile – rather than dramatically altering your bite. As such, only gentle pressure is required to adjust your teeth.
  4. Each patient has their own unique Six Month Smiles ‘Patient Tray Kit,’ which is custom-made by specialists to fit the requirements of the individual and ensure that the end results are just right.
  5. The average treatment time is only six months! It may sound obvious, but patients no longer have to spend two or more years wearing braces and constantly visiting the dentist for alterations. With Six Month Smiles this whole process takes places over a much shorter period of time.
  6. A special at dentists serving patients from Droylsden:  come to us to get a straighter smile in just six months and you’ll get home tooth whitening absolutely free!

Contact Mossley Dental Care to find out how to get a beautiful new smile in six months. You’ll be guaranteed to leave grinning from ear to ear!