Manchester dentist spreading the word about six month smiles

Six Month Smiles has become so popular in Manchester because we are now able to give patients exactly what they want. Usually that is two things:

1) Clear braces. You no longer need metal train track braces. Ceramic brackets can be used which blend into your own tooth colour making then far less noticeable.

2) Rapid treatment. You no longer need braces for two years or more. You can now achieve your desired results in about six months.

So who is suitable for this treatment? The answer is most adult patients. Most of our Six Month Smiles patients from in or around Manchester are in their 20s, 30s or 40s but there is no upper age limit. If your teeth are mild to moderately crowded then we will probably be able to treat you without taking out any teeth. If your teeth are severely crowded then extractions may be necessary but in some cases this doesn’t increase the overall treatment time.

Every orthodontic case is different and Mr Winston will need to assess you prior to providing you with your options. This is done at a free initial orthodontic consultation. So if you live in or around Manchester and are interested in Six Month Smiles invisible tooth straightening then whey not contact the practice and get the ball rolling. You will be under no pressure to sign up to treatment and we are happy for you to go  away and think about things before committing.

Other options offered at the practice for orthodontic patients include Damon braces, lingual braces, The Inman aligner, and Invisalign.

Mr Winston is very experienced in the field of orthodontics and have been providing this service to patients from in and around Manchester for over ten years.

We recently finished a Six Month Smiles case on a patient from Denton, Manchester. Her comment at the end of treatment was:

“I cant stop smiling since I had my braces off and now no longer feel I need to cover my mouth with my hand when I  smile. I really feel that this treatment has given me more confidence. Thank you so much!”

Mr Winston’s reputation is growing. See our orthodontic smile gallery to see some of the great results we are achieving at the practice.