Fast Yet Effective Teeth Straightening with 6 Month Smiles for Patients from Droyslden

The famed escape artists Harry Houdini once said that ‘no performer should attempt to bite off red-hot iron unless he has a good set of teeth.’ If taken a little less literally, Houdini’s phrase becomes emblematic of what a great smile, and the confidence it brings, can do for you both in the daily grind and social situations. Sadly, many of us need such a boost quicker than the two to three years that conventional teeth straightening can take. Thankfully, dentistry has kept abreast of modern bustle and produced the 6 Month Smiles treatment.

6 months!?

Yes, provided you are suitable for treatment.

Camouflaged braces

You won’t even need to wear conventional train-track braces for the six months. You will instead be fitted with small tooth coloured brackets and wires, which will only be visible up close.

Is there a catch?

Quell your suspicions, I will reveal all: Unlike children, who often require braces to fix bite problems caused by growth issues, most adults primarily request teeth straightening for cosmetic reasons. This often requires moving the front teeth without requiring any major alterations to the bite, which can shave off a significant amount of treatment time. The treatment uses new technical and technological developments, such as the special nickel titanium the wires are made of, to help adjust specific teeth. To top it all off, the treatment is also cheaper than conventional brace treatment.

The treatment itself

Assessment for suitability will take place during your first visit. This will involve the dentist taking some photographs, x-rays and examining your smile. You will then be fitted with the special braces, which will come directly from the 6 Month Smiles laboratory in the United States. Following your first fitting, you will then be required to visit your dentist every 4 or 5 weeks for a 10 to 15 minute check-up and adjustment until your treatment is complete.

If you need any more information on 6 Month Smiles please contact the practice. We provide services for patients throughout Droylsden and the UK.